Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's good to be back.

I am sick, they told me to get more sleep but I can't anymore I think I've had enough rest. So I decided to blog instead because I've been away for awhile. I miss reading your posts and I miss blogging as well! I have been too busy with my work and relationship. I will share the highlights I've been doing by category:


Yes, I am working in a call center again and guess what? It's been 7 months since I started working and I am still there! Quite a shock right? If you have been my follower ever since I started blogging you would know why but if not continue reading.

I have been a hopper to a lot of call centers since I really don't like the thought of other people shouting at me over the phone but since this is the only work I know I can do somehow I decided to stay longer. The company is "good" its not that much of a stress (well sometimes) and my team leader and team mates are so nice. I treat them already as my closest friends! I even signed my first ever resignation paper with them! Oh and a bonus to that I've been receiving awards I never thought I could or would have! Amazing right? 

RELATIONSHIP: Well, me and my boyfriend have been together for 1 year and almost 5 months now. I don't want to focus on this story too much but yeah, He just left the Philippines last April. He had to move back to the states because he is a US citizen and he's only purpose here was to finish his studies. Our plan is that he will be getting me so we can live together but of course, like what I said before I don't like promises anymore. I am more of a "come what may" person now. 

Uhm yeah, long distance is hard, especially with him being too negative and all, though I love him, I know that I do so I wont let go of him just because of the distance (I dont want to be cheesy anymore so I'll stop)
I'll end my "come back" post here, I might post two more blogs before I go back to work. Wait for my ootd pictures while I was away and plus a picture of my tattoo! Yay! :) Haha. See you guys for a much detailed and worth reading blog! ;)

Keep on smiling,xxShahara


  1. Great to see you back~! <33


  2. welcome back to the blogging world again!
    awwh long distance rel is tough, but you will manage well!
    and get well soon(:

  3. Awww.. good to see you back! :) and ooohh LDR with your bf, kaya mo yan! :)


  4. Hi~~! Welcome back ^^
    I know how hard long distance is! I've been in one for five years and I hope things will be closer in the future~ Stay pretty! And I know how strong you are~ You can do it~!
    I miss you so much~ You're my inspiration! xoxo


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