Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Candy Clothing: My California Dreams Collection!

Are you looking for something to wear this Christmas or a Christmas gift instead?
 Something that's totally in and hot? Well I have something for you! 
Marsel and Jusel: Owner and Designer
"MY CANDY CLOTHINGPaint your Trends , Wear your Cravings , Taste the Sweetest Craze"
-Owner and Designer: Marsel and Jusel Villareal

They have ignited the fashion industry this December 1, 2012
with their first ever collection which they called as: MY CALIFORNIA DREAMS.  

These are just some of the amazing photos I grabbed from their facebook page! If you are interested and can't wait to have one of these click HERE!

My California Girls Collection consists of top to bottom clothes: 

Spaghetti Strap Crop Top,
(Violet, Orange) Spiked Shoulder Tank Top,  
Turquoise Beaded Shoulder Tank Top, 

Multi-Colored Cheetah Print Leggings,
(Sky Blue, Yellow) Bodycon highwaisted skirt
Puplum sequined skirt
Satin bandage skirt
Black & Gold metallic bandage skirt

(Peach, Sky Blue) one shoulder body con cut out dress
(Hot Pink, Blue, Red) 2 way high low dress
(Pink, Green) full sequined high low dress 
Black & White Aztec Garterized waist LPD
Color splash Garterized waist LPD
Red Sequined top bodycon dress
Black & Gold metallic one shoulder dress
Red one shoulder snake print dress

The collection is amazingly stylish, it features colorful, playful and vibrant styles at a very reasonable prices! As of now they don't have my size, but Jusel told me that they are also planning to design clothes for plus size women like me! Awesome right?! So what are you guys waiting for? Feed your cravings with these fabulous clothes and be the sweetest yet hottest human being to wear this newest trend!!

For more information, especially on how to order and for prices: LIKE "My Candy Clothing" on FACEBOOK 

What do you think about their designs? Comment down below and show them some love and support <3
Keep on smiling,xx


  1. awesome collection!
    i love your blog, now following :)

    follow back? eye_spy

    1. Thank you for dropping by! I hope you went to their facebook page also! <3 Will check your blog now! ;)

  2. Super cute designs and one of the models there, the short-haired one, is my friend pa! ♥
    First time to hear this clothing shop ah, good one Ara! Thanks for this :) Baka ma-keri ko na uli mag ganyan after giving birth!! SANA. Haha

    1. Wow! SMALL WORLD! Yes, kakabukas lang nila online! My pleasure to share this wonderful store! And Of course you can still wear these kind of clothes, you have a great body kaya! <3

  3. Love the colors, and shoes on almost every look :)
    Collection +5

    ~Hope to hear from you~

  4. So cute and fresh.. reminds me of Katy Perry and Big Bang's Lollipop XD

    1. Yes! I think their inspiration too is Katy Perry! haha! :)

  5. Hi sweetie! You have a lovely blog :) Would you like to follow each other via GFC, Facebook, Twitter or other socials??
    X, Ancia

  6. sooo cute and colorful :)
    it makes me happy haha

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