Friday, August 3, 2012

The All-abouts

"I live for adventure, adrenaline & taking risks"

Hi you guys! My name is Shahara Rae Perez and I was born in 1993 and raised in the Land of Three stars and a sun (Philippines). 

I am a Theater Actress and a geek, I sing but I am not really good, I dance too but I am not a pro (I am not being humble, I am just being honest) and aside from these I am still interested in a lot of things such as fashion, beauty, architecture. interior designing, traveling, photography, baking, cooking, an aspiring plus size model, and more!

I am a virgo but sometimes half of my heairt is a Gemini, because I am a person  who always seek, explore and constantly stimulated. And I have to admit that sometimes I do not delve long into anything too heavy. But other than that I love expressions and anything awkward and imperfect, because that's natural and real. I am brave, fearless, and Unpredictable. I am not a person who's into trends I just dress the way I live, the way I want, the way I feel because I don't care how people see me, the way i see myself is more important to me. 

Frequently asked questions: 
-How tall are you? 5'9"
-How old are you? 20,  and usually I get mistaken for 5 years older than I really am.
-How do you pronounce your name? It could be simple as SHHA-HA-RA or as SHHAE-HAE-RUH (Hope you get what I mean, lol)


I write to empty my mind. This blog consists of post about my life, my passion and my interests. 

DISCLAIMER: All content shown on this site has always been fully credited to Shahara Perez. Unless otherwise specified will be credited to the original source, but If I use your images, quotes etc and I forget to credit back, please kindly contact me through my email. Please do not take my writing and claim it as your own because stealing is NEVER okay. You could use my writings / pictures in your site just ask my permission first.

All views and opinions expressed here are based on my personal experience but in the event of an invited review I will still give my honest and personal opinion. 

I hope you follow and support my blog! Keep on smiling,xx ciao!


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