Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Movie Review(ish): No other woman

"No pressure. Just shut up and kiss me. And don’t you dare fall in love with me."
 - Anne Curtis (No other woman)

Note: This is just a short move review, and I am not going to tell you the plot of the story, I will just tell you if it's worth watching! Find out by yourself, after all we have different tastes. :)

That is just one of the most unforgettable lines from the Philippine local film "No other woman" that gives large impacts and reviews from Filipinos. After almost a year from it's first showing day, finally I was able to watch No other woman, lol I know I am such a loser and other than that It’s also rare for me to watch Tagalog films, don't judge me and say to me that I am not a proud Filipino and I cannot even watch our own movies, actually I am it's just that I am sick of Filipino chick flick movies and you can't even blame me because I always notice a lot of flaws from it. Though I gave exceptions to some Filipino movies, especially if my favorite artists are part of the movie (John Lloyd, Bea Alonzo, Eugene Domingo, etc) And since Anne Curtis is one of my favorite actress' here in the Philippines and I made her my reason to watch this movie. :) 

No other Woman is a usual Filipino romantic film but this time it's about a married couple  whose marriage was shaken because of a mistress. What I like about this movie is that the characters really justified their roles. For example this movie showed the side of mistresses, who are always misunderstood because what people think about them is that they're just home wreckers but the truth is they're also humans,  humans who knows how to fall in love and also get hurt. To be honest i felt the pain of the mistress than the wife's maybe because I was once a mistress, nahh just joking haha. The man and the mistress both did something wrong, the mistress seduced the man, and the man was tempted. The man won't lie to his wife if the mistress did not do anything at first, but the decision is still with the man he should know when to say NO. The last part of the movie what I realized is that the husband/man caused so much pain both with her wife and with the mistress, and a man who have a high respect to women will never do such thing; Think twice or even thrice before you do something. And my last comment or message to all the guys out there:

A man who has a mistress and a wife can't love either of them at all, because love means devoting yourself completely to your spouse; no exceptions- ever

I can say that No other Woman is almost a perfect movie FOR me, because once again the acting as expected is just average except for Anne Curtis, she really stand out in the movie, she's very convincing ; She's a true goddess. This movie is not a high caliber movie but it is definitely worth watching! :)


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