Sunday, August 26, 2012

Less is more. (08/16/2012)

“I want to be a guy, but I want to wear a lot of makeup.” - Gwen Stefani 

I wasn't supposed to put any make up on because I was just wearing a simple lazy outfit which is my sweatshirt and jeans. Because it was raining the day before this day so rain again made me too lazy to fix everything. But then when I tried to put on my foundation my hand started to have it's own mind. LOL. Though my make up goes well with my outfit, because it's just a simple shimmer makeup. Anyway, I dont have anything left to say so here it goes. I hope you guys like this! :)

"WHO: YOU'RE FAT". I just smiled when I saw this on my tagboard. Hello there who/anon, yes I am fat! You don't have to say that because I am not blind, and before I started posting my pictures here on my site I've already mentioned that haha. ;) And If you're just trying to piss me off well you tried the wrong person. Is that the best that you got? Try again, try harder. :)


"Less is more"

What I wore:
Top: Sweatshirt from Forever21 (plus size)
Bottom: Jeans
Bag: Vintage Bag from Baguio
Shoes:  Flat cream shoes with a ribbon I forgot whats the brand of this shoes but I bought it somewhere in Cubao, and it is for rainy season! :)


Products Used:
- Everbilena's advance two way cake foundation.
- Miss Beauty's Magical Sweet Blush.

- White palette
- Shimmer Bronze
Eyeliner, Black Pencil and Liquid Eyeliner (Nichido)
Black Mascara.

LIPS: Terracotta, orange-ish plum color from Avon.

I hope you guys like it! Oh and please stop saying nonsense things about me because you're just wasting your time bullying me ;) =)) 


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