Friday, September 21, 2012

I bet you. I'm a damn better lover.

"The Mistress"
Movie Review-ish - ( An opinion of the movie without giving away too much of the plot)
"Horrible. Shameful little secret."

Main Cast: Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Ronaldo Valdez and Hilda Koronel

Directed by: Olivia Lamasan

PLOT: John Lloyd Cruz plays JD, a guy who fell in love with a mysterious woman named Sari (played by Bea Alonzo). Sari, on the other hand is committed to her benefactor, a married man named Rico (Ronaldo Valdez). The said successful businessman's legal wife is Regina, played by multi-awarded actress Hilda Koronel. (Reference: google)

The film is not as complex as the title makes it sound, because it didn't really tackle about the life of being a Mistress, the film focused more about the love story than the adultery but nevertheless the film is amazingly great because of the sweetness, tragedy and the what if's which gives such a convincing case of the characters romantic relationship. And to top that of, there is really something about John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo, I started to like them when the movie "One more chance" was released. They are one of the Filipino actors that I won't get tired of watching because their love team looks natural, and I can really tell that there's a chemistry between them.

I have to be honest that there is a factor that you will have this kind of feeling in the end of the movie, and that feeling is being unsatisfied (nakaka-bitin), Well, in my case despite the film's minor flaws The Mistress is still exciting, shocking, and well worth a few hours of your time. So I still I invite you guys to watch this on theaters now and try to explore the movie more than I did.



  1. I've read so many great reviews of this movie, :) we will try to watch this, maybe this coming week! I love this loveteam, & I love one more chance movie, it's like our love story.. atleast there's a happy ending.

    Take care Imri! :)

  2. Yes you should watch it, but of course I am not sure if you're reaction in the end of the movie will be the same as mine, but as I have said in this post it is worth of your few hours! :) Anyway you should also make a review of it after, okay?!

    Take care also Athena!

  3. wow i l'd like to watch it too soom >.< i also like them.


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