Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nail Art #1: The drop off

Well to be honest my week or this week is not fun at all. I don't have work again for some reason ( it's for me to know, and you to find out ;) ) so I was stuck here inside our house doing nothing except surfing the net all day long and yesterday because me and my family went out to watch a movie ( see my previous post ). So today, I was really not in the mood, I was feeling blue and bored so I decided to check out my favorite blogs or videos on Youtube and while surfing the net some people gave me inspiration to have a new category for my blog and the title would be "Nail Art" well the title explains it all hihi.  

My Inspirations: 
-  She's such an awesome person! She knows a lot of beauty stuffs! She's good in makeup, nails, DIYs and more! You should check her out because her tutorials and tips are amazing like her! :)
- This person is like a nail art guru like Elessa! Her imagination is awesome! I am following her here on blogspot and you guys should too if you're also planning to be like her! hihi.
- Last but not the least, she's one of my favorite bloggers here. Her nail arts are really cute and simple. She also blogs about fashion, so for fashion freaks or aspiring one lol, you should check her out!

Anyway, take a look of my first nail art ever, the very first time I painted my own nails! I used a dark shimmer blue and a neon-ish light blue because these are the only available color that I have, but its not a bad thing because blue is my favorite color, and these colors expresses my feelings awhile ago ( feeling so much blue, lol ). So my base coat was the lighter color, then I just splashed the darker color because I wanted a chaotic look then lastly I put a colorless nail polish to fix it. The result was just the way that I wanted! If you look closely to it you'll see what I mean, too bad my laptop's cam has a low quality but I hope you guys will still support me with my new addiction!  

Once again, Thanks for reading and have a great day!



  1. I love the color blue! Your nails look very pretty and shiny (´∀`)

    1. Hey! Thank you, I am glad that you like it! :-* <3

  2. Try light pink, :) Your nails really looks pretty. ^^, try Etude House nail polishes :)

    1. Will do that after this polish fades away. And thank you! Hihi. But do you know where I can purchase Etude polishes? :)


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