Sunday, October 14, 2012

Erzullie: Plus Size Model Go See (My Experience)

*This is the behind the story of my last post. 

Yesterday was an awesome day. But before the awesome part, something awful happened first.
The day that I received an email from Erzullie was one of the happiest moment of my life. I thought it is just going to be easy, but I was wrong. If you guys read my blogs before on tumblr you would know the story behind this but if not let me give you a hint. My family is having financial problems since I am not working anymore and my dad is still looking for another job so it is not that easy for me to ask my parents for money so I can go out and be there at the Go See. So before the said date, I asked help from my boyfriend if he can find a way to get me a pocket money for that day. 3 days, he suffered 3 days just to look for money. He felt bad because, he wasn't able to give me anything. I know, I know.. I am one of the lucky girls in this earth to have him in my life. Anyway back to the story, we also had another problem here in our house which is much confidential so I wouldn't talk about it anymore. I was already giving up, I even emailed Erzullie that I won't be there anymore. 

First, I was really upset because I can think of the things that I could miss in that event and to miss that chance to meet new awesome people makes me really depressed but then Aries (Owner and Designer of Erzullie) tried to comfort me through twitter and email (Isn't she so sweet?) She helped me bring back the positiveness in my mind. "you are enough. you are just meant to do it in a better time. hugs." so I tried to think happy thoughts and watch funny videos. Suddenly my mom talked to me and asked me if I want them to drop me off in Eastwood, and I said "YES" with a big smile on my face. 

I really had fun at the Go See, I met a lot of BEAUTIFUL-SEXY LADIES! They look so fierce and they are really nice and fun to be with. The place is also nice, they served us fries and other light food, of course I enjoyed it, it's FRIES and it's for FREE! LOL.  

I didn't regret any hardships that I went through before that night because everything was worth it! Too bad I don't have any pictures with me. Oh well, I hope to see them again. The result will be released I guess after 1 week? Well as much as I can, I am trying not to think about what would be the result because whoever they choose I know they deserve it because I have met them ;) 

Check out Erzullie: 

Good luck and God bless to all of us!

Keep on smiling,xx

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