Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SMILE: A curved line that sets things straight.

When you’re ‘happy for no reason’, you bring happiness to your everyday experiences rather than try to extract happiness from them.  It’s not that your life always looks perfect - it’s that however it looks, you’ll still be happy. - Marci Shimoff

 I am just so happy today, so happy for no reason! I woke up feeling just "okay" because I don't have anything to do again, No work = no money = no plans = bummer. I ate my brunch and open my laptop.. Then suddenly, I just felt happy. I started posting quotes about being happy, positive and being beautiful and I just don't know why, maybe because I got so inspired? I just can't point it out what it is. I am just so happy, so happy like I am fulfilling something great but I am not even doing anything! It feels like blessing from god is coming to me! Oh I really hope so.

And because I am happy, I decided to send my Best friend a short message because he is having a hard time with his school works right now:

Yhep, he really is my best friend. Haha. Anyway I hope you guys are enjoying this day too because there are a lot of reasons to celebrate every single day; you're alive, you have a good life, and you are an ADORABLE PERSON! Celebrate! <3

Keep on smiling, xx

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