Friday, November 23, 2012

Higantes Festival 2012

I am living in a small province called Angono, Rizal and we have one of the most popular events here in the Philippines and that is our "Higantes (Giants) festival / The feast of San Clemente (The patron Saint of fisherman)". 

Higantes festival is celebrated the same time Americans celebrate Thanksgiving but our festival is actually a month long celebration because when November strikes in our calendar you will definitely see a lot of street activities like bazaars, fireworks, concerts in the center of our road etc. but the highlight of our fiesta happens every 22ND and 23RD of November. Aside from Giants on the street you will also see street dancers and marching bands which represents each town's barangays and other institutions, You also have to be prepare because it is a "basaan" fiesta, the people who are watching the parade will throw waters if you're part of the parade but you will also definitely get wet even if you're not part of the parade! It is also traditional that every house in town prepares food (buffet style) and invite guests in their houses! 

I was really excited about this event because when I was still studying I have to go to school while they're celebrating, so this year I really had a high expectations, but it turned out to be just an "okay" event, the parade wasn't fun anymore unlike before. I haven't seen anyone dancing (Parehadora) and there are just few Higantes and I wasn't able to finish the parade because I have to go somewhere else. But still, I had fun because my auntie cook deliciously! Haha! 

Anyway here are some pictures I took on 22ND. 

They sound fantastic!
Say Hi to Giant Naruto!

Kids playing their bell lyre! 

Giants with pictures! :))
Isn't she cute?! 

Keep on smiling,xx


  1. Aw cute post!! I've never attended a festival before, I hope to soon though!! :)

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, I hope to see you next year here in our small town! Haha ;) Take care will visit your blog soon! ;)


  2. Is it something like a water festival? I've heard there's like a yearly festival where everybody will splash water to each other but I don't know where it's from.

    1. Yes it is somehow like that but as I've said the main attraction are the Giants x) I think there's other town here in the Philippines that does water festival too hehe. :)


  3. wow, i've never seen such a festival before!
    by the way thanks for your lovely comments!
    i've followed you! pleasse follow me back too!

  4. Hi dear!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!!
    Amazing you're from the Philippines! Means enjoying the
    sun at the moment!:D And enjoying these kind of festivals!

    XxX Farah


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