Thursday, December 13, 2012

Antipolo Cherry Hills - Antipolo sightseeing - Antipolo Mcdo - Marikina Riverbanks Park - Makati - The Fort

This would just be a personal blog, and a picture bomb!

Last Sunday me and my friends went out. We didn't actually plan that day, Nicolo just asked me If I can go with him to do a research for his project and he told me that I can bring anyone if I want to, so I said yes and I asked Pope and Mark to come with us also! First we went to Antipolo Cherry Hills to meet an Architect who's Nicolo's going to work with about the landslides that happened before in Antipolo. 

After that I asked them that I want to experience sightseeing in Antipolo, because someone told me that it is a must try!

After we chilled for a moment we went to Mcdo and eat our late dinner since Nicolo's parents wasn't looking for him yet he asked us again where do we want to go, Pope and Mark suggested to go to Marikina Riverbanks Park

We were doing lame poses because we are so vain! Haha, sorry for that. After this place, we decided that Nicolo will be the one to suggest a place and he said that we should go to Makati because there are a lot of parks where we can chill there. But it was so epic because all the parks are already closed that time and we don't know why because usually parks are 24/7 right? -.- So we decided to go to 7/11 to buy food and drinks then we stopped in a parking lot instead.

Walking to find something to eat and sit!

Car Vanity Shots!

Going back to the car 

After this place, we went to The fort but we didn't leave the car we just went around the place and went straight home. They are really sweet and I love them all! It's been awhile since the last time I went out, and whenever I go out with them they always make me happy! I am so lucky to have them! 

Keep on smiling,xx


  1. well ang saya naman ng ginawa nu,
    hmm are the only rose among thorns? or is it? haha JK hehe
    i could see in your photos how happy you were that day

    1. Wait I didn't get the only rose x) =)) Yes! I always have a great time with them :)

  2. That sounds really fun! I love the city lights photograph you have there! :D

    1. Yes indeed! And thanks, though it's a little bit blurry lol x)

  3. Aww, you guys seemed to all have a really good time and looks like your are all enjoying each other's company. That's whats its all about! Fun & friendship!

    Jenny xoxo

    1. Yes! Thanks for checking this blog and leaving a nice comment! <3 lovelove!

  4. love your lame poses. So funny and look like you were having fun! :D


  5. Wish i was there!! It looks epic! looks likee you had fun too!

    Nat from


    1. Aww, we will welcome you with an open arms if ever you were there! ;) <3 Inded I had a great time x) :)

  6. whoah. sooo much fun!! this post made me miss going for road trips =D love the photos as well! you're so adorable! =D thank alot for sharing hun. :)

    I would like to invite you to my giveaway:
    (sunglasses & prescription glasses)

    hope you have a fab day gorgeous! ~ XO
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

    1. It was really fun, my friends are really weird like me so I really had a great time lol! Well you should do it again! Lol, thanks for checking this post Christine! lovelove!

  7. Hi Sharaha, this pictures looks great and it seems like you guys had a great time. Thank you for sharing with us. I am your new follower via GFC.I hope we stay in touch.



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