Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yesterday is memory. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a hope

The strongest people have the worst problems.. The worst trials.. The worst situations. It’s not because God wants them to suffer.. But it’s because God trusts them so much He gave them something He knows they can overcome.. And something that would help them realize that everybody can be your companion but not everyone can be your friend.. Be thankful for God’s trials! They are His gifts to strong people. 
I guess me and my family won’t set off fireworks again this new year’s eve, but good thing though, I won a VIP table for 8 persons at EDEN NIGHT CLUB from Nokia Philippines giveaway! Though it's kinda hard to ask people out on New year's eve but oh well. So If ever, this is going to be my first time to welcome the new year without my family. While my family might watch fireworks and I am sure that they will also turn up the sound system so loud, and make lots of noise using their flutes and “torotots”!  Anyway, this will just be a short holiday greetings to everyone!

I have no words to express my feelings about this year; I have to be honest though, that this was definitely NOT my year and not the best one in my life so far. Me and my family had some major UPS and DOWNS, but I am still happy because I made it through and it made me better and stronger. 

Since I wasn't able to go to school this year, I didn't really accomplish something that I can be proud of and share with you guys. Yes, I worked for 2 companies, but that was just epic fail part of my life. Anyway, I don't want to talk about my failures this year, after all I learned a lot from my mistakes and hopefully I won't be doing those same missteps again. What I like about this year is that I met such wonderful people and made really strong relationships, personal and through internet. I am also grateful and thankful for my 60+ followers who are still supporting my blog, THANK YOU! I know you guys are not that many but this is still a big deal for me! Thank you very much! For my friends, family and my boyfriend, thank you for always being there for me and supporting me in everything that I do, for inspiring me, for making me happy. I love you guys so much.. Especially I thank God for everything that he has done for me, he showed me a new life before 2012 comes to an end and I would like to continue this new life in 2013 with him. 

I know we all want to end our 2012 with a BANG! But i just want to remind you guys that safety is important, so while you’re celebrating New year’s eve, please be careful with your fireworks and don’t get too drunk!  And lastly, while celebrating make sure you have a big happy smile on your face! May 2013 be an awesome year for all of us! New Happiness, New memories and abundance of new friends. Happy new year <3 Thank you for being part of my 2012!

P.S. Will post my last pictures for "December Photo a day challenge" next year! ;)
Keep on smiling,xx


  1. hi!! happy 2013!! thanks for your wonderful comment! you really make my day!!
    congrats on your winning for the nokia giveaway!! i wish i was that lucky like yoU!!!!

    thanks for thanking me!(one of your 60++ followers)!!

    1. Happy 2013! :) No worries you deserve it girl! Haha, I know right for the first time I won something but too bad I wasn't able to go and I had an okay-ish New year's eve, but I am still happy though! :) Thank you for being part of my blog! lovelovelove ;) <3

  2. you are a strong and beautiful woman. don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

    i hope you have a very awesome new year and may it bring you lots of happiness and good fortune!

    looking forward to your next post!


    1. Aww, thank you very much! I will make 2013 the best year ever! <3 Thank you for supporting! lovelovelove :">

  3. nakaka inspire naman ung quote !

    anyways, thank you for making my 2012 even more wonderful!
    I enjoyed your blog this year looking forward for more this coming year
    Happy New Year

    1. I know right! Yan yung quote na lagi kong naiisip everytime matatapos yung year! :)

      Aww, Your comment made my day! It's so overwhelming that I can touch someone's heart or life through my blogs! and I really hope so too that I can still share inspiring things with you guys this year! :) <3 Happy new year, from my family to yours!!


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