Thursday, January 3, 2013

First chapter of 365: Opportunity

Blog Updates, Life Updates and New year's resolutions/goals 
We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden”.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Hi everyone, I am sorry if I haven't been updating for quite a long time. Since our internet connection was cut off I have no choice but go here at my grandmother's house so I can just use their internet. I know it sucks right? But I don't want to make it a big deal since it's a new year and I want this year to be spectacular. Anyway this post consists of (3) Three stories; Blog updates, My life updates and last but not the least, my first ever New Year's Resolutions or Goals

BLOG UPDATES: I am still having a hard time to edit my pictures for December photo a day challenge so i might just post it whenever, I will just surprise you guys! Haha, don't you like surprises? Well I do! Anyway, keeping up with the challenge is really hard especially when I am not always online, so for January photo a day challenge, I decided to post every picture at the end of the month so it won't be a hassle for me. And by the way, I just recently received the Circle Lens I won from Sally's first Blog giveaway! And I can't wait to try it on and share with you guys my first experience of wearing eye lenses! <3

MY LIFE UPDATES / NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS/GOALS: I don't usually have new year's resolutions. Because my motto before was like "Que sera sera / Whatever will be, will be"  and one more thing is that I don't believe in myself that I can do things when it's already planned. But last year, my life was really dull and a mess because everything happened so quickly and no one informed me that our life would be upside down. I don't know what to do since I don't know what I can do, so this year I decided to make my own New year's resolution/goals to keep myself on track.

2013 is a big year for me, a year that anything can happen and a year that I would like to focus more on changes. Changes to be happier, healthier etc. I have a lot of goals so I decided to connect one goal from another so I can achieve more than one. 

I got this picture somewhere on Google, and I just put my goals and something that will encourage me which is one of my favorite quotes. This is my laptop's wallpaper and it will be my wallpaper until the end of this year! (Contact me through my email if you're the owner if you want me to credit you for this image). ;) 
*COMMUNICATE WITH GOD MORE:  As you guys know my story I am not a religious person but I am a person who talks to god most of the time. And I want this year to be with him everyday, this is the most important goal for me because I know when I am with him, nothing is impossible.

*LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE: I LOVE EATING but I love myself more and I want to take care of my body. So yesterday I started running again and it felt awesome! I want to join, NO I WILL JOIN marathons or fun runs and I really hope it would be soon this year! I also have to change my eating routine also, I shouldn't skip meals anymore and I shouldn't have in between meals!

*BE PRODUCTIVE EVERYDAY: If you guys know I've been a bummer since October last year, and I really don't like being a couch potato -.-

*BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS: I have always dreamed of donating to charities, The feeling of satisfaction I get when when I help someone else warms my heart. I have always been taking, but this time I would like to give than to receive.

*FIND A NEW JOB AND STICK TO IT: Yes I already had 2 works last year and I didn't last for 3 months -.- I want to find a job again and this time it doesn't matter how hard it is because I want to save money for  next school year.


*BE MORE ORGANIZED: My things are messy, I always lost things and forget where I put them -.- So i need to be more organized!

I want to be grateful and positive even if the things are getting worst. I want to be fearless; trust God with all my heart and everything will be fine!

Some say that New year's resolutions are meant to fail or it's just a stupid list, well it's their opinion and I respect them but that doesn't mean I would listen to whatever society says. Having this kind of commitment will let me focus on growing as the person I would like to be. The reason why I am so confident that I would be successful is because of my first goal. I know God will help me to achieve the things I want to achieve, and I just have to trust him and believe in myself.

So what do you guys think about this tradition of having New year's resolutions or goals? Do you have your own list? I want to know! So comment down below! Once again, may you guys have a Happy New year! Love each and everyone of you a lot! <3

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting.

Keep on smiling,xx


  1. well with that first goal consider everything achieve and done

  2. happy new year ara!
    thanks for dropping by my blog n leave a comment :)
    followed u alread ;)
    God bless u!


    2. Hi ara! something went wrong about my internet connection last night.. now, I assure that I'm ur follower now xD hehe

    3. Ohh okay! Thanks! Followed you too :-* Take care dear.

  3. Hii Shahara!^^
    Thank you for visit my blog!
    I hope you meet your resolutions! Hopefully this will be a great year for you!^^
    Have a nice day!

  4. being goal oriented is important.. but make sure you don't miss out on living your life too :)

    sometimes happiness can be found in the most unexpected places!


    1. Will keep this in mind! :) Thanks for checking this out! <3

  5. Hello again Shahara! So good to read your goals for this year. I have been reading others' as well and it's such a good feeling to see some possie vibes from everyone. Well, about running, I have been a fan of it ever since. We know before it was not-at-all a fame that every week, a fun run event is being hosted. Well, as a bum (that's me, because of livingthelifemode), I always try to save up and at the same time, getting healthier and productive for my body. Try to run everyday, set a goal on how many rounds you can get, either in your own village or within the neighborhood. I don't do fun runs (maybe once) because I was forced to. But I have been running 10x more than a runner in that event has done. I like your positive aura even though I haven't seen you in person but your list of goals is worth-doing. (I even hope I can stick to mine). Wishing you a harmonious and more good health this 2013. ;)



    1. Oh thank you for this worth reading comment! You made my day! Well right now, what I am doing is that I mostly walk than run, so my goal is to run straight without stopping easily haha! As much as I want to run here in our subdivision, I can't because of the grumpy dogs -.- So what I do is I walk/run for 1km to the park and that's where I run for 2 hours, but tomorrow I'll run/walk for 3 hours. But anyway thank you again and thanks for following, followed you too! :)

  6. Thanks for showing love on my blog!
    Great post and Happy New Year!!


    1. Welcome! And thanks for checking back! Happy new year too!

  7. Hi Sahara! Thanks soo much for visiting my blog & giving me advice! I always enjoy reading your blog, because it just shows who are as a person (a very great person lol). I had that doubt too in making a New Years resolution, but I also believe this year is the year to make the most out of life! I hope you can follow your dreams, goals and aspirations and I do believe God will guide you too! Take care, much love!

    Nat! xoxo

    1. Awww, thank you so much for taking your time reading my blogs! I love your blogs also! I hope you achieve all your New years resolutions or goals! You can do it! Just believe in yourself! God bless and take care! <3

  8. Happy New Year! Great goals! I have not even made any resolutions... Maybe I should! I too need to be more organized man! Well it might already be apparent to anyone who reads my posts lol! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!

    1. Thanks for checking my blog too! :) Take care <3

  9. Good luck on your resolutions, Ara! Im sure kayang kaya yan :)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR dear!
    The Misty Mom

  10. I find it so inspiring to read other peoples resolutions and I think your are great. I also love to eat and I really need to get that under control. I wish you all the luck with yours!

    Also I just wanted to let you know I love your blog and I've nominated you for a Liebster blog award. Check out my blog for details etc :)


  11. I hope you do find some more work you love!


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