Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gazing at the vastness of the sky


I CHANGED MY LAYOUT, And made it more simpler! =)) Anyway, as you guys know, these past few days I've been getting addicted to make ups. So I decided to have a new label entitled MAKE UP OF THE DAY / MU-OTD, Aside from that this time I will make sure that I am going to post my OUTFIT OF THE DAY / OOTD every once in awhile. Even though I am not a professional stylist or make up artist I am dedicated to show my taste in fashion so please don't judge me :) Other than that I will also post my covers here on youtube / soundcloud. About my affiliates, I will be making a label also for you guys but my special Affiliates will be posted in the right side of my home page. :)

Yesterday, August 18 2012 I decided to have a simple make up since my outfit is just a simple black pedal pants and a grey blouse. (I don't have a picture of my outfit sorry!) I call this make up style as "Stargazer" because the name of the pencil eyeliner that I used is stargazer haha! I already told you guys before that I don't know how to put a liquid eyeliner on my eyes, so I watched a lot of tutorials on Youtube and tried to do it by myself, it looks so easy when they're doing it, but when it's my turn to do it, IT'S SO FREAKING HARD!. I used a pencil eyeliner first and then I coated it with liquid eyeliner, the outcome is not perfect but my wave mates liked it so I think I did a pretty good job doing this at the first time! So take a look at my first eyeliner make up! :)

(What I used: Magical sweet blush, Pencil eye liner: EverBilena's Stargazer, Terracotta lipstick, Nichido Liquid Eyeliner and a black Mascara)  

Today is my day off until tomorrow, because tomorrow is a Non-working holiday in Philippines until 21 but we will go back to our training on Tuesday already even if its still a holiday but it's okay coz that day will be a double pay because it's a holiday! HAHA. Anyway my boyfriend will go here tomorrow! Yes :"> Finally after 2 weeks I will see him again. I miss him so much! Anyway I hope you guys like my second post for my MU-OTD! Share with me your experience of putting on make up for the first time! Did you also have a hard time?

Have a great day! Keep on smiling!

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