Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Readers

I just noticed that instead of gaining followers I am loosing some of them and to be honest it's a little bit frustrating, I am not just a psycho or an addict blogger who just wants a lot of followers but I do have my reasons:

  • First of all my posts are useless without readers, that's why if you can see I don't update much nowadays because I realize that my previous posts are being left behind and I am scared that no one might be able to read it anymore. 
  • Second, I really hate followers who are un-following me because I do not follow them back, HEY! I do follow back (sometimes), just as long as your blog make sense or it is interesting and you will ask me nicely, I will follow you back. 
  • Last but not the least, I want to have a connection with my readers, I do not bite so you can talk to me and you can suggest a topic so I can improve my blog. 

Do you guys think I have useful content? or am I just fretting too much right now. Oh well, I just need to be more positive about this and keep on doing what I am doing. If I lost some, I will gain some more too.. it's just a matter of time right? But somehow I still need your opinion, I hope that you could give me some advice, comment down below and I will surely appreciate it. You could also tell me if you are having the same problem, and what is your point of view about loosing followers! :) 

Short update about the blog:
As you guys can see, I've been joining to a lot of giveaways these past few days, oh you can't blame me because these new awesome bloggers that I've been following keep having these awesome giveaways! Lol, but I decided to join giveaways once a month starting now, because I don't want you guys to be bombarded with just giveaway re-posts. And by the way if you guys think that my blog is somehow interesting would you please help me spread the word? Hihi. Anyway, Have a great day!

Keep on smiling,


  1. Oh. I lose followers all the time.. or I think I do? I don't really keep track of my numbers, but it probably goes up and down XD I think your blog is good and you already have a decent amount of people who likes it ;-)

    and IMO I don't think you should post every day unless it's pictures. I think twice a week is a lot so once a week is more than fine. You can't really come up with new topics everyday ^_^

    btw. You should try Disqus! commenting will be way easier for you and your readers.. because sometimes it's hard for us to see when you reply unless we check that specific post :-)

    - Sally

    1. Haha, well I guess loosing followers is just normal x) I know right, it's really hard to have an idea everyday but sometimes what I do if I already have topic in my mind I write already and just save it as a draft haha! Okay, I will try that indeed ;) But don't worry because I always reply to my awesome readers, like you! ;) <3 thanks again for reading!



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