Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn - Orson Welles

I choose my outfits based on the season, the weather and especially my mood. I am actually inspired by the people who are fashion bloggers with different identities. I like the fact that each and everyone of them have their own style. Before whenever I see people who wears "out of this world" clothes I would judge them but when I started to like dressing up, I now appreciate any kind of style a person has. After all if we would all have the same style our world will be just "normal" or "boring" and of course we wouldn't want that, right?

I know am not a psychologist or a fashion guru but I do know that whatever makes you feel happy, sexy and comfortable are major roles in achieving great style. So here are my OOTD's while I was
away. I hope you like it guys! :)

Sorry for the low quality
Keep on smiling,xx


  1. Whoaa you've gotten so slim!! Glad to see that you've been experimenting with different styles and open to trying new ones :)

  2. Hi Shahara! So glad to hear from you again, and happy to see a new post from you =D Great outfits, I love the versatility of your fashion style, you have such an amazing figure too! :)

    -- new blogpost in my blog :)
    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  3. Oh very cute outfits
    Beautiful pics


  4. Oh very cute outfits


  5. Beautiful OOTDs! I wish my wardrobe was so colourful and beautiful like yours ;)

    Celly | Asian Beauty and Makeup Blog


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