Monday, March 20, 2017

Starting over again..

I'm back! I sure have missed everyone! A lot has happened (which is why I had a hard time blogging) and I have much to share with you.

Note: I had second thoughts if I'll post this or not. I don't want you guys to think that I am being boastful about my body change, or I'm just showing this because of the product that I'm selling. But no. I just want to share this to remind myself from what/who I used to be. This is a part of my past that I will never forget, and I don't like to forget.

As you guys know, I am in a journey where I try to live a healthier life. (If you haven't read my first post about this, just click here!)

However, while I was gone I had ups and downs. But I'm restarting my journey now, and I would like to share you guys how I was able to get back on track.

I know I am not within my goal yet to provide any kind of tips, but I kind of feel like I am an expert about this since I've gone off track and got back on again multiple times.

Some of you may think that I'm a loser. But falling down doesn't make me a failure. I'am just a human, and I am sure we can all relate to having an off week, or month or sometimes a bit longer than that. If you've been through this, congrats! You're also a human. Don't worry how many times you've fallen, it's getting back up again that matters.

It isn’t always that easy, I still struggle just like the rest of you do. But what I always try to keep in mind is that I've done it before and I can do it again! Throughout this journey I've learned that every time I fail, I learn how to control my cravings, how to motivate myself, etc. This is how I am getting myself back on track.

Most of my family knows how my journey started. Just so you guys know, I joined a contest from a nutrition club which endorse Herbalife products. I've known this product since I was in highschool, but I stopped using it since I don't my own money at that time. When my aunt introduced me to Herbalife again, she asked if I wanted to join their own "biggest loser" challenge for a month. I said yes, because the money involved was quite big.

This was my before and after back then. I was still 190lbs on the right picture.
I continued using Herbalife for half a year. I was really happy with the results. My energy is up so high that I always wanted to do something adventurous. The lowest weight I've reached was 150lbs.

I forgot my weight when I first joined the contest, but I know I was really big. Throughout the challenge you have to drink their products. I was not seeing any changes from my body and I was losing my confidence to win. The final day came, and they weighed me in. My own eyes can't believe it, I lost 20lbs without exercising!

However, a lot of problems came. I am a person who likes to binge eat when I get stressed. I also got back to smoking, drinking alcohol and everything else. With that being said, I gained a lot of weight again. From 150 lbs to 180lbs in just a year.

Before everything gets worst, I decided to get back on track, and this post is where I am publicly recommitting. I will share with you all the things that have worked for me before, and hopefully work for me again this time.
  1. Back to basics – You have to forget what you did in the past so you can have a fresh start. Forget the poor decisions you've made. Instead of thinking that you will fall for the nth time, start tracking again. Go for a walk, track your meals, just start again.

  2. Remember what helped you in the first place  Herbalife and calorie counting helped me lose weight in the first place. These might not work for everyone and some don’t like the idea of drinking protein shake, tea, or even counting the calories they take.
    But for me, since I was a lazy person before, Herbalife really helped me lose a lot of weight without going to the gym. Also, keeping track of my calories really helped me with my portion sizes.

  3. You are what you eat Herbalife Formula 1 has a low calorie count. However, it contains enough vitamins and nutrients to keep me going through the day as if I am not on a diet. Also, I keep in mind that whenever I eat junk food, I am putting trash into my mouth. This kind of thinking help me not to crave fast food / junk food.

    However, it's okay to feed your cravings, as long as you're not over boarding. And hey, life is short. Might as well enjoy this journey and have some fun right?

    taught me that food is not the enemy, and we should not cut the food we're eating but cut the calories we're taking. 
    Also, there are now some healthy alternatives that you can replace with your fast food favorites! Look online about healthy recipes and make something new.

  4. Avoid alcohol  This might not be an issue for you guys, but it is for me. I love socializing with my friends, and most of my friends love drinking too much.

    Alcohol might not have any calories, but I choose bad options of food when I drink. Who likes to eat a salad while drinking right? Also, I don't like going to the gym the next day because of a hangover, so I'll end up binge eating at home again.
  5. No pain, no gain – If you don't feel like going to the gym, it's okay. A small workout is better than nothing. If I'm not in the mood to go to the gym, I always do a 15-30 minute zumba. Also, cleaning your room, doing your laundry, can also be your exercise for the day!
  6. Think positive, Be positive – Need I say more? If no one can inspire you or motivate you, no one else would. Look in the mirror, try to look back and see how far you've come. Tell yourself, that you can do this!
It is going to be hard, there are times that you feel that you're not losing weight, and you wanna give up. But always remember that it will all be worth it in the end.

Here's my updated picture now: 

Height: 5'9
Highest Weight: 268
Current Weight: 161.2
Goal Weight: 130lbs

I hope I was able to inspire you guys. Good luck on your own journey and try to have some fun! 

Keep on smiling,xx


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